Who we are

Because of the growing demand for smart spaces, a smart design is being more recognized as essential to the quality of the experience in any space, be it a theater, an office, a school or an apartment.

We exist because we believe waves have the power to shape the world and build better relations.

Our way

A diversified team of specialists united by one passion: Harmony.

It is impossible to speak of passion without talking about commitment. Our squad of specialists enters the field, united and resolved to excellency, without losing the joy and spontaneity of those who do what they love.

A team that lives the relationship of sensations and space with proximity, translating to our clients, technical information with simplicity and working closely throughout the whole process.

Such engagement and yearn to deliver are enhanced by the constant investment in technology. At each new step, we chase the markets forefront, breaking through barriers and sharing knowledge.

Harmony is in our name and in everything we do.

Our team


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